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7 Ways to Extend Your Android Smartphone’s Battery Life

1. Turn off Bluetooth
Bluetooth is a wireless technology that enables devices to connect wirelessly to each other. When enabled, Bluetooth uses power to transmit data between two devices. If you have a smartphone that supports Bluetooth 4.0, turning off Bluetooth will extend its battery life.

2. Disable Wi-Fi
Wi-Fi is a wireless networking protocol that provides Internet access over radio waves. Turning off Wi-Fi will save battery life.

3. Use Power Saving Mode
Power saving mode is a feature built into Android phones that automatically turns off certain features of the phone while not being actively used. These features include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, mobile data, etc. When turned on, these features use less power than if they were left on. If you have a smartphone with a battery that lasts only about two hours, turning off some of these features may extend its battery life significantly.

4.Turn Off Background Apps
Background apps are applications that run in the background without user interaction. These apps drain your battery even though they aren’t currently running. Turning them off will save battery life. You’ll need to do this for each app you want to disable.

5. Enable Auto-Brightness
Auto-brightness adjusts screen brightness based on ambient lighting conditions.

6. Reduce Screen Timeouts
Screen timeouts occur when your phone goes to sleep after being inactive for a certain amount of time.

7.Disable Location Services
Location services allow your device to know where you are at any given time. This includes things like your current location, nearby places, and your friends’ locations. Disabling location services will prevent your device from tracking your location. 4. Limit Mobile Data Usage

Mobile data usage refers to how much data you’re using on your phone. Most smartphones have a limit on how much data they can use per month. If you don’t use enough data, you won’t get charged for it. However, if you use too much data, you could end up paying extra fees. You can then adjust your data usage settings here.