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9 Tips to Help You Choose a Good Motel

1. Location
Location is everything. If you want to find a good motel, look for one close to restaurants, shopping centers, and entertainment venues. Also, make sure the room rates are reasonable.

2. Room size
If you’re looking for a small room, choose a hotel that offers rooms with two beds instead of one king-size bed. A double bed is much smaller than a king-size bed.

3. Amenities
Make sure the amenities offered at the motel meet your needs. Does the motel have a pool? Is it near a restaurant? Do they offer free Wi-Fi?

4. Parking
Parking should not cost extra. Make sure the parking lot is big enough to accommodate your vehicle.

5. Cleanliness
Check out the cleanliness of the motel’s bathroom and kitchen area. Are the towels clean? Is the carpet dirty?

6. Staff
Ask about the staff’s professionalism and friendliness. Are they helpful? Will they give directions? Can they recommend places to eat nearby?

Comfort is important. Consider how much noise the area makes. Will you hear traffic outside? How many people live in the building? What kind of neighborhood is it? All of these factors affect comfort.Does the motel provide breakfast? If so, what kind of food do they serve? What time does breakfast start?

8. Price
Price matters. While some hotels charge extra for parking, others don’t. And some offer discounts for extended stays. Compare prices among different motels to find the best deal.

9. Reviews
Reviews are helpful. Read reviews online or ask friends who’ve stayed there before. Also check